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Our Auberges (hotels) in The Republic of Benin are strategically located in order to provide convenient stopovers for Business and Tourist travellers.

In Benin we have 5 hotels (in Grand Popo, Dassa Zoume, Savalou, Parakou, and Kandi) as well as a central reservation office in the country’s economic capital, Cotonou.

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Grand Popo
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The village of Grand Popo is situated beside the sea midway between Cotonou (80 km) and Lome (Togo, 80 km).

The Auberge de Dassa Zoume is located on the main route to the north of Benin. It is on the outskirts of the city of Dassa Zoume, which is 210 Km north of Cotonou. The road was recently resurfaced and is in very good condition. Dassa is at a major intersection where the only road to the north forks, the right fork goes to the Northeast (Save, Parakou, Kandi, Malanville, and the Niger Frontier) while the left fork goes to the Northwest (Savalou, Djougou, Natitingou, Pendjari National Park and Burkina Faso).

The town of Savalou is 30-km. Northwest of Dassa Zoume. The road from Dasssa to Savalou has just been resurfaced. The town of Savalou is at the foot of a large rock outcrop, the road goes around the base and continues north towards Djougou (228km). This road was until recently was a Laterite track/road has now been completely reconstructed with a Bitumen and Stone chipping surface. From Savalou, it is possible to visit neighbouring Togo by Laterite road (38km).

The head of the Borgou region is the town of Parakou, which is at the end of the railway line to the North from Cotonou. Parakou is the most important city in the north of Benin. Is it 410 Km. North of Cotonou and 315 km from the Niger border where one picks up the main rout to Niamey.

Kandi is a small city between Parakou and the Benin/ Niger border. It is 200km north of Parakou and a further 110km to Malanville, which is where the Border post is. The River Niger flows along the Northern Boundary of Malanville and forms the frontier between the two countries.

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